Ministry Training Institute

Congratulations to our Samford University/Ministry Training Institute 2022 Graduates!

First Baptist is honored to announce that we have partnered with the Samford Ministry Training Institute (MTI). MTI exists to equip Christians to be leaders in their churches and communities through theological education and practical ministry training. MTI is a non-degree program of quality biblical, theological, and practical ministry courses that prepares and equips ministers and lay leaders for service in God’s Kingdom.
The Diploma in Biblical Studies and Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies are offered through our extension network. The extension network offers 16 courses of standardized curriculum. When students finish eight courses, they receive the Diploma in Biblical Studies. If a student completes all 16 courses, they receive the Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies.

 Diploma Courses
  • ZMTI 101: Biblical Interpretation
  • ZMTI 102: Intro to Old Testament
  • ZMTI 103: Intro to New Testament
  • ZMTI 104: Paul’s Letters
  • ZMTI 105: The Minor Prophets
  • ZMTI 106A: Biblical Foundations I
  • ZMTI 106B: Biblical Foundations II
  • ZMTI 113: The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • ZMTI 114: Baptist Doctrines
  • ZMTI 115: Spiritual Disciplines
  • ZMTI 118: The Book of Revelation
  • ZMTI 120: The Origins of the Bible
  • ZMTI 121: The Writings of Moses
  • ZMTI 122: Christian Apologetics
  • ZMTI 123: Parables of Jesus
  • ZMTI 124: The Life and Ministry of Jesus
  • ZMTI 125: John’s Epistles
  • ZMTI 126: Exploring the Psalms
  • ZMTI 127: The Gospels
  • ZMTI 128: The Acts of the Apostles
  • ZMTI 129: Personal Evangelism
  • ZMTI 130: Effective Disciple Making
  • ZMTI 131: The Book of Hebrews
  • ZMTI 132: Christian leadership
Each course is eight weeks in duration and consists of a minimum of 24 instructional hours. First Baptist will offer two eight-week courses per semester. Each class consists of three instructional hours per week. 


Fall 2023 A- ZMTI 129 Personal Evangelism
Mondays at 6 pm, August 21, 2023-October 9, 2023
Instructor: Dr. Larry Gipson

Class Description: This course presents a study on the message, methods and urgency of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Participants will study the foundational priorities of personal evangelism and various approaches and strategies both historically and currently.

NOTE: This location will offer Zoom as an option for attending classes.

Tuition is $50 per class. Students who register without using the online option will be subject to a $10 processing fee per semester.
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